Tips to improve your website ranking

 When building a website many people pay attention to theme, color, and graphics attract visitors’ interest. However, keyword concept plays important role in generating high traffic to your website. You should figure out keywords for your website before building the website content. For example, you are selling “stopwatch”, you should do a small research on this keyword by typing “stopwatch” in the Google search box, and check how many people have used this keyword. Once you decide on appropriate keyword, begin creating your website using the selected keyword. The keyword has to be included in the title and appear in the first and last paragraph of your website content. The keyword density is about 2-3 % of content. Your website will rank high in first pages of search engines if your website uses proper keyword.

The second tip to have your website high ranking and targetted sales is to apply article submission dirctories. You are allowed to post article related to your products or services on various different article submission directories. Normally, these directories do not permit you to mention your company name or brand. However, you can leave the information on your website as well as your link in the resource box at the bottom of that website. If your article is appealing, the customers will likely visit your website by clicking the link to proceed the sales. Your article should be realistic and informative enough to catch customer’s attention.

There are other effective tips to generate high ranking and targetted traffic to your websites such as blogging, forum posting, free classified ads, etc. If you have your website ready, practise with SEO and traffic concept and start your affiliate marketing business. Click to find out more about SEO and traffic tools.


Tips to improve your website ranking

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