Tee Profits Recipe Review – Huge Discount With Exclusive Bonuses

Recently many people have been discussing about Tee Profits Recipe – A ‘Life-changing’ product even for many newbie. What are its Pros and Cons? Does it really work? You should go through all my honest reviews and don’t miss Huge Discount of $2000+ Bonuses. Your earnings  will most likely skyrocket today if you follow Tee Profits Recipe.

Tee Profits Recipe Overview

Author: Demian Caceres
Release date : 2014-09-04
Price : $ 87
Homepage: http://limitlessmarketer.com/lp/tee-profits-recipe/

Tee Profits Recipe Reviews

What is Tee Profits Recipe about?

Tee Profits Recipe is a formula that helps people achieve jaw-dropping results in T-shirt marketing in shorter time. This formula will uncover the complete T-shirt marketing blueprint that earned Dimian Caceres 7-Figure  and his students 5-to-6 figures. This product has been available since 4 September 2014.

Follow Proven Recipe and Your Success story starts now. It works for you easily.


What are key benefits of Tee Profits Recipe?

  • Find preferred niches with estimated budget spent on Tees
  • Unveil design trends that people are targeting
  • Get paid repeatedly for single design plot
  • Tips hiring VAs and designers to launch more campaigns
  • Method to apply interest target to optimize ROI with Facebook ads
  • Tips on setting up ads to get mayhem traffic as well as cutting off ads budget
  • Tactics of budget and bid to gain most from each penny spent
  • Schedule scaling profitable campaign and end no-gain campaigns.
  • Track most likely buyer segment to gain massive ROI
  • Target potential group even they do not buyer shirt (to increase viral traffic)
  • Fan pages tactics for more leads and sales
  • Retarget campaigns to get your campaign into the stratosphere
  • Create viral contest to increase exposure
  • Tactics relaunching campaign – huge profit from less work required
  • Create a long lasting T-shirt business by extending to different niches other than Teespring

17 Modules as Ingredient of Tee Profits Recipe

All the benefits listed above you will gain from time to time during 17 tutorial videos below.

  • Module 1: Niche Selection

–  Niche suggestion by typing just one word

–  Specific questions to be answered by yourself to work out most winning campaign

  • Module 2: Success Leaves Clues

–  The “question yourself” method to increase N times the earning with a single design

–  The spy on winning design ideas with Sherlock Holmes style (clue: It’s not just Teeview)

–  The “think like a buyer” strategy will unveil lots of hidden interest and benefitable keywords

–  Save research time with T-shirt Research software

  • Module 3: Hiring a Designer

–  Find out what way leading to failure at T-shirt marketing

–  The checklist to high best designer at a best price

–   Local designers will feel eager to cooperate with you if you know the winning path

  • Module 4: T-Shirt Campaign Set Up

–  Ninja tracing tips to quickly find out which ads are earning much and which ones are not

– Make advantage of setup edges to beat your competitors

–  The proven copy formula that can win in any niche campaign

– The psychological motivate behind campaign goals and benefitable tee pricing

  • Module 5: Facebook Ad Setup

–  Niche fan page or full tee store? Choose the right one to match your marketing goals

–  Apply specific ads post tactics to gain higher CTR, shares and leads (Clue: This change will dramatically increase your return-on-investment)

–  The Facebook ad copy formula that has been proven to work in any niche

  • Module 6: Creating Ads with Facebook Ad Manager

–  A “must-have” Fan Page checklist to build trust from buyers

–  The pros and cons of “dark posts”

–  The serious mistakes with Paid Traffic – Do not make it

–  Technique to create multiple post for different interest group? Apply it with a single post too

  • Module 7: Targeting

–  Unveil profitable sub-niches to target your ideal buyers

–  Discover what drives audience click, share and buy a shirt

–  Apply a free tool to work out more targeting interests and reach a real target audience

  • Module 8: Budget and Bid

–  Visible campaign? How to know prior paying any money?

–  Reasons to invest maximum $20 each campaign

–  Stop paying for website clicks. Apply bidding type instead

  • Module 9: Scaling/Ending Campaign

–  One metric for all? Reasons why CTR and CPC are not showing everything

–   Ending a campaign or continue? Several critical criteria to decide what to do and when

–  Cut down ad spending when you know who are real buyers. But there are group you should keep paying ads for even they are not earn any dime. Find this out.

  • Module 10: Targeting Wrap-up

–  Importance of Emotion factors in your Tee Business. Use it properly.

–  No minimum audience scale. Find out why?

–  Scale up or stop? The dashboard will not direct you wrong way

  • Module 11:  Scaling up Winning Cam

– The two important scaling methods. The pros and cons of each

–  Tactics to seldom reach ads budget.

–  The optimized campaign period: 7 days? 10 days or more?

–  Find out how a single person could spoil your sales status and cost your money

–  Real keys to earn money with T-shirt marketing (clue: Being unique is not enough)

  • Module 12: Combating Ad Blindness

–  Change ad copy to make it scarcity mid-campaign – no need reapproval by Facebook

–  Tips: Add social proof when editing ad

– Proven-to-convert copies that get the buyers in their last-minute decision before leaving

  • Module 13: Ad Optimization

–  Stop paying ads for those who are not buying – The Must-know demographic information to optimize ROI

–  Data aggregation? Data Breakdown? Click and Website Click? Make sense out of the confusing metrics within Facebooks reporting system

–  Reasons to run ads to target specific group of non-buyers.

–  The optimization tactics that you must know about relaunched campaigns

  • Module 14: Viral Contests

–  Give Away shirts for nothing? Only if you desire to earn more money

– Tactics to create viral traffic contest that increase social exposure. Not a single dime spent. No longer need to pay for ads.

–  In the P.S contest that people will likely commit and buy shirts

  • Module 15: Re-engagement

– Tactics to easily turn “Likes” and “Share” action into sales

–  The helpful engagement that turn potential audience into red hot buyers

–  The 3 re-engagement strategies to learn which is fastest and easiest

  • Module 16: Retargeting Strategies

–  The “how”, the “why” and the “when” to launch the retargeting campaigns

–  Reasons to use Facebook Power Editor together with Ad Manager for retargeting campaigns

–  Strategies to retarget potential buyers who have not bought your T-shirt? Set up best retargeting campaign to avoid annoying your audience

  • Module 17: Relaunching Campaign

– Take advantages of social proof to gain more sales. Even months after your original shirt ads were liked or shared.

–  T-shirt whisperer to attract previous buyer to buy more copies when relaunching campaign

–  Reasons to expand your horizon beyond Teespring to earn more money

–  A tee vendor to get paid more? You can make it.


Here below are some testimonial of most successful students:

Hung Hong – First Prize Student Earns $100K in Less Than 3 Months

Tee Profit Recipe - $100K in Less Than 3 Months

Dave J. Mason Was In BIG Debt And Ready To Give Up, Took This – Final Chance And Earned $40K In Less Than 2 Months

Tee Profits Recipe - Dave J Mason $40K In Less Than 2 Months

Jeff Cheng – Over $30K In 1 Month

Tee Profits Recipe - Over $30K In 1 Month

Christopher Smith Over $30K In Less Than 1 Month

Christopher Smith Over $30K In Less Than 1 Month

These above students have achieved their outstanding results support of “Three Coaching Calls” offered by Deimian Caceres.

A Total value of three Coaching Call and Tee Profits Recipe: $788. In comparison with great results you achieve, this investment of $788 means nothing with any serious FB marketer. Many people also advise Demian Caceres to offer you at a real price, however he does not follow their advice. When compared to other products like FB Ad Crack 2.0 at $997 offered by Donald Wilson, this Tee Profits Recipe is really an  exclusive price offer, a BARGAIN indeed to you: $87 ONLY.

Tee Profits Recipe Price

Click Add to Cart right now before the launch ends on 8th September 2014. The price then will be $197. Don’t hesitate to pay double when you can pick up right now.

Kindly bear in mind that after you Click To Cart and complete your order, you are entitled to enjoy FULL PACKGAGE OF BONUSES of Huge Value up to $2000.


Huge Bonus

Tee Profits Recipe Review – Huge Discount With Exclusive Bonuses

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