Mobile Smartlink Reviews– An Smart Solution to view any FB apps on Mobile Devices

You are here because you are looking for a solution to turn any Facebook page into a Mobile viewable app. You are at right place. My honest reviews about Mobile SmartLink will help you before you have a smart investment with this plugin which will be launched on 18th March.


Author: Sam Bakker et al

Product name: Mobile Smartlink

Launch date: 18 March 2014 11:00 EDT

Price: $17-$67

Niche: Software

What is Mobile Smartlink?

What is Mobile SmartLink

Mobile SmartLink is a WordPress Plugin which turns any Facebook page application into mobile viewable Apps. With Mobile SmartLink, you can view your PPC, Viral and Offline campaigns any time on mobile devices.

Review Key Features of Mobile SmartLink

This Mobile SmartLink promises to be a good product because of its unique Plugin. It integrates with all Facebook Apps to create viewable App on mobile devices.

Once you purchase Mobile SmartLink, you can easily find out its key feature is that you can now target mobile users via Mobile PPC.

You can know more with Demo Video below:

With this biggest pros, Mobile SmartLink is really a smart solution now. Sam Bakker is currently offering it at rather cheap price: $17.

You should consider buying Mobile Smartlink during its launch period before Bakker decides to raise its price.

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Brief Summary about Sam Bakker

Creator of Mobile Smart Link
Creator of Mobile Smart Link

Sam Bakker has been working in the internet marketing for 7 years testing new ideas and theories with his own website and a large number of customers. His products receive good comment from clients because they help client business to become board leaders in selected online business.

His recent products include: Rapid Income Result, Lasting Lead System – The #1 ‘Quit Your Job’ System For Offline Marketers, Local Lead Detective Toolkit – Complete Done For You Tools & Website, Consulting In Minutes – Generate 1000’s Of leads In Minutes etc.

This Mobile SmartLink will be another good product to continue above list.


To sum up, Mobile SmartLink is an ultimate solution to turn any FB apps into mobile viewable version. BUY NOW to enjoy its features and receive Incredible Bonuses. Don’t miss it.

Mobile Smartlink Reviews– An Smart Solution to view any FB apps on Mobile Devices

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