Hi fellows. Welcome to mytoolspro site. You will find absolutely effective IM tools on my site, as well as huge bonuses package. Below bonuses are totally FREE if you buy from my site:


Us Free Ads is the biggest and most popular classified ads sites. This ebook will reveal the secrets to use Free Ads for Traffic. Below are what you will go through with this product:

Chapter 1: US Free Ads Basics

Chapter 2: The benefits of Us Free Ads

Chapter 3: How to use US Free Ads

Chapter 4: Making Money with Us Free Ads

Chapter 5: The steps

Chapter 6: What to stay away from


Bonus #2: Twitter Tricks

Bonus Twitter Tricks

This product will show you the ways to use Twitter as effective tool for business expansion, consisting of 6 modules:

Module 1: The introduction to Twitter

Module 2: The Twitter’s benefits

Module 3: Ways to use twitter correctly

Module 4: Making Money with Twitter

Module 5: How to use Twitter for your Blog

Module 6: What to watch out for

Bonus #3: Video Marketing Master

Video marketing has become the most crucial part of sucessful marketing campaign. This video marketing course, including 10 chapters will cover A-Z things aimed at mastering in Video marketing:

Chapter 2: What to consider for video marketing

Chapter 3: The Top Sharing site

Chapter 4: Finding the right target audience

Chapter 5: How to rank on Google

Chapter 6: Picking a title

Chapter 7: Developing the art of Going Viral

Chapter 8: Some talked about Viral Video

Chapter 9: Blogging and Social Media

Chapter 10: What to avoid

Bonus Video Marketing Master

Bonus #4: Niche Finder Blueprint

Bonus Niche Finder Blueprint

This priceless eBook is all about Niche market that every Internet marketers should know. Here below are featured benefits that you receive from Niche Finder BluePrint:

  • Methods to find highly profitable niche markets
  • Techniques for identifying high-end sub-niche markets for quick return of investment
  • How to know whether a specific niche market is big enough to get worthwhile profit

Tips on testing the potential product or service prior to its complete development

Bonus #5: The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

Bonus The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging

This product offers useful tips and secrets that will let you leverage full powers of Guest Blogging.  This ebook consists of three main sections:

  • Section 1: For Guest bloggers: Everything that Guest bloggers should know before run off and start creating a blog post: intro, benefits of guest blogging, ways to find blogs to post on, to properly contact the blog owners, etc.
  • Section 2: For Host of Blogs: benefits of having guest bloggers, how to find and what to offer guest bloggers, etc
  • Section 3: Practice site: practical guide before you start guest blogging

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