How To Do Keywords Research Effectively – Top Tips For Internete Marketers

In the past, SEO copywriting recommendations have often focused on finding and using keywords based primarily on popularity. With the number of competition constantly on the rise, this is not the case anymore. There are numerous ways, both free and paid services that will allow you to understand how to do keyword research effectively. An in-depth search will result in unique and relevant keywords, and consequently, will help drive traffic to your websites and increase your ROIs! This article will help look at various effective ways to do a keyword research.

Do Keyword Research successfully - Keyword research

1. Brainstorm keywords – Important for successful research

As an online marketer, you will need to understand the language of your customers. The disconnection between languages spoken by the online marketer and the customer can cost companies millions. Therefore, by understanding the way they search for an item will help you reduce the number of customers you lose. Brainstorm a list of keywords that the “cybernauts” are most likely to use. Make a glossary of the keywords ranging from most popular to the least frequently used

2. Document keyword Metrics

The author Lee Odden recommends in his book “Optimize” (2012) to make keyword research more “customer-centric”. By documenting the metrics, you will understand how to prioritize keywords so as to be found much easily and effectively. The three metrics after an analysis of the keywords that Odden comes up with are:

  • Popularity: By using research tools like Keyword Discovery, Wordtracker and WordStream, a lost of the most popular keywords used can• be compiled.
  • Global Monthly search volume: Using Google AdWords, you will have a number of search done in one month and the metrics. This will help in determining which keyword will be most effective.
  • Competitiveness: This is the number of times that the exact keywords were matched on Google and Bing.

3. Evaluate and Filter Keywords with a research tool

By listening to the voice of the customer and creating content that best suit their needs and goals, you increase the chances of being visible online. When you are making an evaluation of the most effective keywords, you might want to ask yourself these few questions:
Do the keywords reflect the marketer’s language or the customer’s?
What keywords best represent your customer’s personas?
What alternative keywords describe the services or products you are offering?
Are the current keywords driving traffic to your website relevant?
Once you have a list of usable keywords, you will need to refine them so as to glean the keywords with the greatest impact on visibility. In the next point, a few research tools will be introduced and some of their benefits.

4. What keyword research tools to use?

There are many free keyword research tools that can be used. You can exploit various readily-available software and social media to come up with a powerful list of keywords.

  • Google AdWords: This research tool is completely free and quite helpful whether you are new to the keyword research field or you are a veteran. It is particularly helpful in the sense that it provides a list of keywords based on location and so on, and it also provides historical statistics and traffic estimates!
  •  WordTracker: WordTracker is a paid service that offers various useful services. It will provide alternative keywords; KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) and the tool itself can be a lot less time-consuming!

Another great way to do an effective keyword research is to exploit the social media platforms. Consumers are greatly affected by what they see on social media and are more likely to purchase something recommended by their friends. So, you may choose to include a social media research tool such as which is free of charge.
Social Mention will glean information from various social media platforms such blogs, Twitter, Facebook. It will include information that are a few hours’ old! It will tell you exactly what consumers are talking about thus making it a lot easier for you to come up with a list of relevant keywords with the greatest impact!

There are various keyword research tools out there, you will need to explore them all and see which one best fits your need and your business.

If you know how to do keyword research effectively, then the probability that your website will reach the top of SERPs is high. A well-researched keyword will ensure that your website is visible to the online shopper. Of course, this is the first step in optimizing your website. There are other factors that will also impact the visibility of your website such as the placement of the keyword, the freshness of your content and sometimes even the design! The more professional-looking websites will attract and create more consumer reliability!

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How To Do Keywords Research Effectively – Top Tips For Internete Marketers

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