How to Attract Visitors to Your Site

From time to time, the foremost important challenge that all affiliate marketing owners have to face is traffic sources. For sure, you cannot have sales until your website has reached target traffic. Without traffic, you cannot decide whether or not your marketing campaign is good or bad. If your team have not tested your site before launching a campaign, your performance is till not professional enough. It’s for sure that you are losing potential customers and affiliates.

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By going through this article, you will find a new approach to your enduring problems.

  • Solution to generate cheap and instant traffic sources to your site. Then you can test your main parts of your sales campaign: content, email swipe file, extra offer, user interface, etc before you launch a large campaign.
  • Top tips to increase the CR and maximize sales
  • Effectively drive high quality traffic to your website with real potential customers with autopilot.

Even though you start with small traffic or even zero-traffic today, you will soon yield targetted traffic within 30 days from now. Get your traffic  campaign well prepared.

Step 1: Get the traffic to instantly test your site.

I am often posted the same questions when discussing the testing team site traffic with newbies:

  • What should be tested on my website?
  • How could I test my website quickly?

There’re numberous things need testing on your website to increase sales volume. Font, plugin, banner, call-to-action button, etc. But when you start off your website, it’s difficult to decide what’s enough. What are key components should you focus on before launching a traffic campaign?  Here’s below are my advice: Test the basics first, try focusing on:

  • Email swipe file, particularly the headings, benefits and money guarantee and call-to-action button
  • Simple order process for customers quickly finish ordering
  • Opt-in offer- you have to collect visitors’ contact information for list-building purpose.
  • Quick navigation sites. Average clicks to finish buying should be three.

These are very important elements should be tested before you launch a campaign. After you have regular traffic and sales, you can test other website’s aspects.

The question persists  “How can I test all these element when there is no traffic?” There are lots of opportunities out there but you just started off and there is no traffic to motivate the newbies. If you have enough budget, the only solution is just buy traffic by Pay-per-click (PPC) package. PPC is like bid option that permits you to bid for page1 rankings with selected keywords. You have to pay for every click that visitors search keywords and click your website. Average price per click varies from a few cents to dollars according to the hot buying keywords you bid on.

PPC search engines allows you to generate inexpensive and quick traffic as long as you drop bid on your selected keywords. Moreover, PPC search engines help your website to rank higher on first top pages of search engines.

Step 2: Get inexpensive traffic with PPC Ads

After you have worked out the effectiveness of your website with PPC traffic, you should enhance traffic volume with large-scale PPC campaign. It’s a right time to start with Google Adwords with which you can instant traffic without waiting time. Once you invest money on your selected keywords, your ads start working for you.

Step 3: Gain free Traffic from Search Engines

Once you have bid for given keywords in PPC search engines, it’s time to get free traffic to your website from search engine like Google and directories like Yahoo. The difficulties include how to get higher ranking with your chosen keywords. All you have to do is get google indexed, let the spiders to spot your website and have it in the search results. A quick tip: you should submit your website exactly as they require, then your website get more chance of listing on first pages of search result.

Step 4: Get free links from other high-traffic sites.

You will no doubt receive ton of traffic to your site once you have your site link posted on other big trusted website. Your website will explode soon because it gain benefits from all exposure the other site receives.

You should follow standard process if you like to apply for request link. Here are simple yet critical steps:

  • Make a research on possible keywords that internet users generally use to find your site
  • Make a list of websites that appears on top ten ranking with main keywords
  • Use tools like Alexa Toolbar or Longtail Keyword to review the competitors ‘sites: what sites do these sites link to? How much traffic are they receiving? And note down their contact information.
  • Make sure you review every details before you contact for request link.

When all information is gathered, you can write a personal mail to the website owners. Remember to give some positive comments and persuasive argument for benefits of request links. Be prepared for commission for them or a link on your website in return if you are determined to post your link on their sites. However, my advice for request link on your sites is to be limited. Other links on your sites are just for their business, not yours. So be Stingy.

Step 5: Get free promotion of your business from ton of websites

Imagine you have regular Team Site Traffic every day. Hundreds of websites are promoting your business sites you create, thousands of people are talking about, liking and sharing your sites. You can easily have more REPs, gain More Leads and create Down line faster. You will definitely feel happy if you know that people out there are posting their comment about you and your website (resulting from massive traffic from Google) and you could get more traffic, more leads day by day.

How to Attract Visitors to Your Site

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